Journal — eco-friendly skincare

Practice True Self care and… cut the waste from your bathroom.

Practice True Self care and… cut the waste from your bathroom.


How often have you looked in your bathroom cupboard and wondered why it is so full and why there are so many products in there that you have barely used, half finished bottles of toner?  18 different colours of nail polish? And be honest how many pairs of nail scissors are you hoarding?  You are not alone.

Cutting down on the consumption of personal care products is a  great place to start.  Think about what you need.  Do you really need a day cream an eye cream and a night moisturiser?  Really? 

First things first, take some time to sort through your vanity cupboard and make-up collection.  Making a pile for the items you use more than once a week and another for those infrequently used and another for those you have simply forgotten about. Chances are you will end up looking at a larger pile of items that you hadn’t realised were lurking in the cupboard, barely used and forgotten about.  Using time to thoughtfully declutter can be a transformative experience. Removing items from our space that we no longer require nor have a use for can feel liberating.  You’ll have much tider and better organised cupboards too, which will make you feel good.  Win Win, just don’t forget to recycle the empties or stash them in a box under the stairs, they will make great receptacles for refills.

Once you’ve challenged yourself and decluttered, The hardest part  is understanding why the mountain of products got there in the first place and setting yourself the challenge of not repeating these unsustainable behaviours.  

These are our top tips for rationalising your self-care and beauty purchases.

  • Ask yourself do you I really need it? Or am I just busting to buy the next new thing?

  • Don’t buy a new item until you have finished something else.

  • Do not indulge in more than 1 moisturiser at a time.  (Please.. there really is no need.  Take our luxury beauty balm for example. It covers a multitude of uses, just check out our customer reviews).

  • Source products that come in reusable or easily recycled packaging

  • Seek out a refill shop and refill your shampoo and shower gel bottles.

  • Make your own.  Its as restorative as baking, we promise!

Making your own skincare products is another way of embracing sustainable practices.  Not only does creating your own moisturiser or soap to your own preferences feel good, it provides you with a supply of product that you have tailored to your own needs and you will have a far greater appreciation of because it was you who crafted it.  

If you don’t have the time or inclination to whip up a batch of soap or create your own lip balm.  Its cool, we get it!  And we have your back, along with some great independent, eco-friendly brands out there.