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Selfcare For Super Mums

Selfcare For Super Mums

Time for you?  Self-care Sunday? For some of us, especially busy mums, time to indulge in some “me time” can seem like the unobtainable, the item that inevitably rolls to the bottom of the to-do list, if it had ever made in there in the first place.

But time for yourself is crucial it’s not an indulgence.  We need to be as mindful of our own needs as those of our own children.

So how?  It’s important not to pile the pressure on yourself, ideally time for you should be scheduled into your day.  However, if that isn’t achievable, it can be divided up into manageable little nuggets of time.  Taking 5 minutes to lie on your bed and meditate, focus on your breathing or even to just stop and listen to some uplifting bird tweets can be incredibly therapeutic.  

Locking the bathroom door after the children have been put to bed to relax into a bathing ritual or home spa can be restful and mood-boosting.  

One of our current favourites in lockdown is doing a quick 10 minute morning yoga video, there is a wealth of great content out there, it can really set you up and set your mood in a positive frame for the rest of the day.

Another really important argument for taking self-care seriously is to set an example for your children.  Modelling positive self-care behaviours, teaches them that mum looking after herself  is just as important as her role in looking after them.

So what are you waiting for?   It’s time to re-prioritise that to do list and put yourself at the top!