How to Sleep Well

How to Sleep Well

I often get asked about sleep and how to sleep well.  It seems that the hectic nature of modern life and the stress and strains of the daily grind whilst exhausting seem to impact that one thing we all need, a good nights sleep.

For me sleep has never been a major issue, well not until I had children; cue a hungry or cranky baby that wants to let you know they aren't happy.  My children are now five and three so those sleepless nights are thankfully few and far between and whilst I might have the odd night where I don't have the ideal rest and recovery, generally I think myself quite lucky.  Friends and family do not report the same.  This has bothered me, so I've spent a fair amount of time reading up on sleep as well as trying out different practical tips when I'm struggling with catching some zzzz's.  Here is a list to share with you.  

1)Prepare for bed - leave yourself the time and space to wind down and prepare for rest.  Create some simple bedtime rituals.  This might include turning down the bed or spritzing a pillow mist.  Avoid checking your emails or online shopping.  I'd advise leaving the iPad or phone downstairs and getting an alarm clock.

2)Don't over do it with your tog or heating.  Keep your bedroom cool.  I'm emphatic on this one.  Far too many people are hot in bed.  Your body temperature should lower at night.  Creating an environment that it too warm isn't doing you any favours.

3) Ensure you get a good amount of exposure to sunlight, especially in the morning.  This will help to regulate your melatonin levels which when balanced can help to promote good quality sleep.

4) If you can't sleep don't fret about it.  i know this is hard, but its not helping.  Instead relax your body, tell yourself you are going to enjoy a big rest.  You could start by relaxing your toes, then ankles working your way slowly up your body, try to quiet your mind, shepherding those distracting thoughts away.

We hope you find these practical tips helpful.  Sleep well & sweet dreams!

Recycle, re-use, reinvent – and continue to love…

Recycle, re-use, reinvent – and continue to love…

At Bramble & Blossom we like to think we give incredible value for money with beautiful and unique products lovingly handmade in England – and we’re thrilled that feedback from you, our valued customers, supports this.

But this doesn’t stop when you’ve finished one bottle of our gorgeous smelling facial elixir or reached the bottom of a glass jar of soothing bath salts, and that’s because we love packaging that can be re-used and reinvented over and above its original purpose.

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