How we came to be…

Since her early years Karen has been “obsessed” with creating lotions and potions.  In her early adult years, she delved into the world of holistic therapy and chanced upon Aromatherapy.  During these years Karen focused on developing her knowledge and further deepening it by spending time with experts in the field of botany and aromatherapy.

Most of the products you see on our website today started out as homemade solutions for friends or relatives with a health-related problem or needing some skincare TLC. Each item made by Bramble & Blossom has a story and a  beginning set in a desire to provide a wellness solution.  We have continued to develop from these humble beginnings to provide benefit beyond the people we initially created these for.  We are all about sharing the knowledge we have, so we can improve outcomes for all.

Our uplifting mist was developed for a friend of Karen’s who was having a hard time with the menopause. Karen worked on a bespoke solution until she came up with a mood-boosting blend featuring neroli and geranium. Needless to say, her friend was over the moon with a mist that left her feeling uplifted and more positive. Today our customers use the uplifting mist on their yoga mats, in their home offices and many continue to find it an additional boost in working through their menopause journeys.   

Karen’s sleep well formulation was made especially for her beloved grandmother.  In her final months Karen would massage this blend into her grandmothers’ hands and feet to soothe and relax her mood, providing her with a much desired sense of peace.

Our calming bath salts was a product Karen developed for herself.  Suffering with overwhelming stress and anxiety in 2019, Karen used her skills for her own wellness journey.  Today Bramble & Blossoms calming kit is one of our customer favourites, we love hearing about how it has brought benefit to the 1000’s of people who have used it so far.

Keeping it simple.

At the heart of everything Bramble & Blossom does, is the ideal of keeping your skincare and wellness regimes simple and uncomplicated. This is fundamental to our approach to formulating solutions. We believe you don’t need to over complicate your skincare routine, but rather take a ‘less is more’ approach.  Our skincare isn’t just nourishment for your skin, but also your mind and wellbeing.

Our luxury vegan beauty balm is the cornerstone of our skincare offering.  It proves that you don’t need an array of beauty products in your vanity cupboard. You only need a few items that can provide the best in skincare outcomes.  Our delectable vegan beauty balm smooths onto the skin beautifully.  Its unique formula melts as you soothe it into dry areas. We have carefully selected a blend of essential oils will leave you feeling as relaxed and zen as you would after a spa day - easing tensions and calming even the driest of skin. And the best bit?... Our formula can be used in so many ways.  It will soothe dry skin on the face, leave cuticles feeling revived, moisturise the driest of patches, you can even use a tiny amount on tangled tresses for smooth and shiny hair. 

Our Ethics and drive to build a sustainable business.

Having children has made Karen even more responsible with her choices and concern for the environment.  Bramble & Blossom has adopted a cruelty free and vegan ethos since its inception.  We will never use animal products in our offering, nor will we use anything that is tested on animals.  Testing on animals is against everything we stand for.

Our motivation has always been to ensure that we engage with suppliers that are as transparent as possible with their supply chain.  If suppliers don’t provide assurances that the people who are harvesting and producing raw materials on their behalf are safe and being paid a fair wage, that supplier won't feature in our supply chain.  It is our belief that no worker, wherever they are in the world, should be put at risk or treated unfairly.  Our eventual goal is to build up our portfolio of producers and growers and work with the people harvesting directly, removing the middlemen from the process and personally ensuring good outcomes for farmers and producers.

Our raw ingredients list is under constant review.  If we believe there are sustainability risks to any of the botanicals, we use we will remove them from our ingredients list and reformulate as necessary.  There is no Planet B.  Putting endangered or at-risk botanicals into our formulations simply isn’t an option for us.  Even though we are small we are constantly working to be aligned with the UN sustainability goals specifically goal 12 to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns  

Our aim at Bramble & Blossom has always been a motivation to produce ethically sourced, carefully packaged products made with the most natural and environmentally sustainable ingredients available. We source all our raw ingredients from small UK and European suppliers.  We formulate all our products in-house and we work with leading industry experts to ensure our formulations are optimal for wellness.  We meet all the UK and European compliance standards for the development and notification of cosmetics. 

We are small and humble.

All our products are handmade in our purpose-built kitchen lab.  We carefully hand make micro-batches of our range to ensure each product is perfect and as fresh as can be.  We employ a small team of local artisans based in Hertfordshire. We also work with other artisans and businesses who share in our values.  Our employees are paid above the national living wage and we foster a growth mindset in our team.  Together we can try, we can do our best and do anything we set our minds to.

The importance of giving back is a passion of ours. When you rely on the natural resources of our beautiful planet, we believe you should also give back. We donate 2% of all profits to charities close to our hearts, often working to secure the future of our planet’s ecology.  We hope as we grow we will be able to increase the time we can spend working with good causes and continue to grow our contributions.