Bramble & Blossom is the culmination of a lifelong dream for founder and owner Karen Anderson. Having been ‘completely obsessed’ with lotions and potions since childhood – the first product Karen ever made was a sugar scrub with oats when she was just 14 – she has now turned her love of creating natural beauty products into a successful career.

Karen’s idea of launching a sustainable beauty and aromatherapy solutions business first came about after completing complementary therapy courses, and becoming a self-proclaimed ‘nerd’ about the myriad beneficial effects of essential oils.

 Many of the products in the current range were initially homemade solutions for friends or relatives with a health related problem or needing a skincare solution. Each item in the range has a story and has been expertly developed to provide benefit to others.

Mum-of-two Karen says having children has made her even more responsible with her beauty choices and concern for the environment, and this drive to produce ethically sourced, carefully packaged products made with the most natural and environmentally sustainable ingredients available, has all been channelled into Bramble & Blossom’s beautiful and eco-friendly range, made right here in England.