How we came to be…

Since her early teens Karen has been “obsessed” with creating lotions and potions. She recalls making a total mess in the kitchen much to her mothers dismay.

In her early twenties, she delved into the world of holistic therapy and chanced upon Aromatherapy.  During these years Karen focused on developing her knowledge and further deepening it by spending time with experts in the field of botany and aromatherapy.  By the time she had children of her own, Karen decided that it was time to get serious about her passion and she started her own business, bringing her solutions to the public.

Most of the products you see on our website today started out as homemade solutions for friends or relatives with a health-related problem or needing some skincare TLC. Each item made by Bramble & Blossom has a story and a  beginning set in a desire to provide a wellness solution.  We have continued to develop from these humble beginnings to provide benefit beyond the people we initially created these for.  We are all about sharing the knowledge we have, so we can improve outcomes for all.

Our uplifting mist was developed for a friend of Karen’s who was having a hard time with the menopause. Karen worked on a bespoke solution until she came up with a mood-boosting blend featuring neroli and geranium. Needless to say, her friend was over the moon with a mist that left her feeling uplifted and more positive. Today our customers use the uplifting mist on their yoga mats, in their home offices and many continue to find it an additional boost in working through their menopause journeys.   

Karen’s sleep well formulation was made especially for her beloved grandmother.  In her final months Karen would massage this blend into her grandmothers’ hands and feet to soothe and relax her mood, providing her with a much desired sense of peace.

Our calming bath salts was a product Karen developed for herself.  Suffering with overwhelming stress and anxiety in 2019, Karen used her skills for her own wellness journey.  Today Bramble & Blossoms calming kit is one of our customer favourites, we love hearing about how it has brought benefit to the thousands of people who have used it to date.

The ever popular muscle soak was developed for a professional dancer who lived next door to Karen.  Combining marjoram, thyme and eucalyptus proved the winning formulation and much needed muscle relief.  

Keeping it simple.

At the heart of everything Bramble & Blossom does, is the ideal of keeping your skincare and wellness regimes simple and uncomplicated. This is fundamental to our approach to formulating solutions. We believe you don’t need to over complicate your skincare routine, but rather take a ‘less is more’ approach.  Our skincare isn’t just nourishment for your skin, but also your mind and wellbeing.  The foundations of this thinking came directly from Karen’s grandmother.  She kept her skincare rituals simple and passed on her beauty secrets to her granddaughter. Much of what is in the range today and its simplicity can be attributed to her pearls of wisdom. 

Moving Forward

We remain committed to using our knowledge to continue to develop aromatherapy solutions for our customers.  If you have a particular problem or there is an aromatherapy solution you are seeking we would love to hear from you. We love developing new formulations and preparations that we can pass on to help others.  Please contact us using the form on our home page and let us know what you want to see in our range.