We are cruelty free and Vegan

Here at Bramble & Blossom we’re passionate about building a sustainable business that not only takes inspiration from the natural world around us but also does all it can to safeguard the environment for future generations.  This is one of our cornerstone values.  

Having children has made Karen even more responsible with her choices and concern for the environment.  Bramble & Blossom has adopted a cruelty free and vegan ethos since its inception.  We will never use animal products in our offering, nor will we use anything that is tested on animals.  Testing on animals is against everything we stand for.

We carefully select our suppliers

Our motivation has always been to ensure that we engage with suppliers that are as transparent as possible with their supply chain.  If suppliers don’t provide assurances that the people who are harvesting and producing raw materials on their behalf are safe and being paid a fair wage, that supplier won't feature in our supply chain.  It is our belief that no worker, wherever they are in the world, should be put at risk or treated unfairly.  Our eventual goal is to build up our portfolio of producers and growers and work with the people harvesting directly, removing the middlemen from the process and personally ensuring good outcomes for farmers and producers.

Our raw ingredients list is under constant review.  If we believe there are sustainability risks to any of the botanicals, we use we will remove them from our ingredients list and reformulate as necessary.  There is no Planet B.  Putting endangered or at-risk botanicals into our formulations simply isn’t an option for us.  Even though we are small we are constantly working to be aligned with the UN sustainability goals specifically goal 12 to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns  

Our aim at Bramble & Blossom has always been a motivation to produce ethically sourced, carefully packaged products made with the most natural and environmentally sustainable ingredients available. We source all our raw ingredients from small UK and European suppliers.  We formulate all our products in-house and we work with leading industry experts to ensure our formulations are optimal for wellness.  We meet all the UK and European compliance standards for the development and notification of cosmetics.  

Protecting the planet through careful product sourcing

Our products are designed to give you skin confidence.  But, not only that, but we are also about treating the whole person.  Therefore, we use aromatherapy in our solutions to optimise your mood and impart a feeling of positivity.   We make our botanical selections based on the best that is available.  Most importantly, we don’t use plants that we feel are at best ecologically compromised and at worst critically endangered. 

We would rather reformulate our skin and aromatherapy solutions to exclude at-risk plants than continue to use them.  Loosing precious plant species from our planet is something we won’t be a part of, and we will work against this by modelling the best of examples, even as a small business.  

No animal should suffer for skincare. Our workshop is in the heart of the British countryside and being around wildlife is a passion and a privilege for us.  We won’t use animal products in our formulations either.  We don’t see the need and it doesn’t speak to our values as an organisation.

Products we have excluded from our ranges:-

Honey & Beeswax – We firmly believe that bees need to be left alone to get on with the business of pollination. It is critical for the survival of our planet. Large scale farming bees for their honey and wax can put hives at risk as bees depend on their honey for nourishment of the hive over the winter months.

We choose an alternative vegan wax which is carefully sourced from North America.

Frankincense – We don’t use this essential oil in our products since we ran out of our supply in  2020.  We believe the source of Frankincense, the Boswellia tree is an at-risk species and we haven’t been able to find a sustainable source.  Until something is done to improve the outlook for this precious source, we will omit it from our range.

 We only offer naked packaging

When it comes to packaging choices, we’ve taken careful steps to select re-usable materials that can be recycled, reducing any plastics used in our luxury product range and opting for glass containers instead.

Luxury skincare often comes in overpackaged wasteful boxes that are thrown in the bin as soon as they are unwrapped.  We feel this is completely unnecessary and wasteful.  We opt for naked packaging.  

Our skincare is about what is inside the jar.  The container packaging we have chosen is more expensive however, it improves the shelf life of our products, so you can enjoy your natural skincare for longer.

We are small and humble.

All our products are handmade in our purpose-built kitchen lab.  We carefully hand make micro-batches of our range to ensure each product is perfect and as fresh as can be.  We employ a small team of local artisans based in Hertfordshire.

We also work with other artisans and businesses who share in our values.  We actively work with them to promote their sustainable business. Through cooperation we are stronger together.

Our employees are paid above the national living wage and we foster a growth mindset in our team.  Together we can try, we can do our best and achieve anything we set our minds to.

The importance of giving back is a passion of ours. When you rely on the natural resources of our beautiful planet, we believe you should also give back. We donate 2% of all profits to charities close to our hearts, often working to secure the future of our planet’s ecology.  We hope as we grow we will be able to increase the time we can spend working with good causes and continue to grow our contributions. 

We care about our customers

 We regularly request feedback from our customers. We are really interested in hearing about what aromatherapy and skincare solutions you want.  We implement this feedback and strive to create the best solutions for you.